Sunday, August 28, 2016

                        YOU KNOW YOU'VE BEEN IN RADIO TOO LONG....

..If you're called to a DJ staff meeting in San Antonio, but you work in Cincinnati

..When that old stained coffee pot in the break room has been replaced by Starbucks
   coffee PODS

..When the call letters to your station ends with .com

..If the rest of the air staff is on the computer's touch screen under: "audio files"

..When you ask for splicing tape and a razor blade, and they point you to a first-aid kit

..When that Teeny Bopper who was always contest "caller #8" back in 1960, is now a 
  grandmother..and is STILL contest "caller #8"

..When the young all night jock thinks a cart machine is a mechanical device that makes
   Go Carts

..If the Program Log is NOT on 24 sheets of 8.5" by 14" paper anymore

..When there's six stations in the same building you work at..which is 5 more than the
  whole town had when you first started in Radio

..If you still think "RAP" Music is not music

..Now that request lines have become "Chat Rooms" or "Tweets"

..When they replaced the turntables with a "mouse"

..The day the General Manager was replaced with an "app

..When you find out your P.D. is younger than your favorite pair of earphones

..When the station employees think Chuck Berry is a Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor

..The day the "drive-time" jock became a "thumb drive"

..If you believe Keith Urban is just not rural

..When your paycheck comes from a bankruptcy court

..When the sales staff outnumbers the songs on the station Playlist

..Especially when the janitorial staff outnumbers the D.J. staff

..If you remember that Emerson, Lake and Palmer was a '70's rock group and
  not a law firm

..If the Program Director thinks a "Record Hop" is a gold medal winning Olympics
  event ( including a skip and a jump of course )

..When the air staff was renamed: "The Good Guys, Gals, Gays and Transgenders"

I thought I'd have a little "fun" with the above, and I'm sure you may have some of
your own. As the General Electric advertisements used to say: "Progress is our most
important product". In the case for Radio, I'm not so sure there's been that much
progress, nor do I think our "product" is all that important anymore. You decide.
And remember: "old disc jockeys never die...they just seg-a-way".

But that's just MY RadiOpinion....what's yours? (you don't need an "app" for that!)


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