Thursday, January 18, 2007

Morning or MOURNING Shows?

Remember the Sacramento radio station tragedy where a young woman dies due to a stupid water

drinking contest? When is this kind of so-called Morning Show going to end? When is someone

finally going to put a stop to these Morning Teams and Shows where vulgarisms, inane and dirty

humor, bizarre stunts, and unfunny juvenile patter assault the Public's airwaves? Where is the

station's GM and ownership in these matters? Oh, yes, the people involved in this dangerous

promotion are now fired mainly due to public outrage and media scrutiny.This type of "wake up"

show should never be allowed on the air in the first place. Why does management continue

employing these young morons with little talent other than being obscene. I knew years ago,that it

takes no talent to be vulgar on the air. Anyone from 1 to 101 has a right to listen to a radio station at

anytime and not be offended. And someone please tell these smut meisters that they are not fun, not

funny, and not needed. This kind of radio morning madness is an affront to the moral standards of 

this country and to those who listen to radio. I'm not advocating censorship, I'm imploring

management (and perhaps the FCC) to crack down on the content of radio shows to make sure that

simple common courtesy, reasonable behavior, and non rudeness are given to a beleagured and

besieged listening public.
The de-regulation act has contributed to much of the programming problems regarding these

"sick"radio morning shows. But you can't let management or ownership off the hook either. Why in

the World would you pay millions for a broadcast license, and entrust it, and your most valuable

revenue producing time slot, to 23 year olds? These people are only 5 or 6 years into adulthood, and

are still talking to their own fad-oriented peer group; most of whom had difficulty passing the exit

exam to graduate from high school. Radio is in great peril when it not only loses local control, but

locally, ownership loses control of it's employees as well. Morning shows are turning into

"Mourning" shows it seems. As for the FCC(The Futile Communications Commission),I gave up on

them decades ago when I realized it is made up of political appointees who know little about the

business it is to regulate. Typical Capitol Hill...when in doubt, listen to a lobbyist instead of your

constituents! That's my RadiOpinion, what's yours?