Monday, December 10, 2007

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear(Channel)

Here's my comments for the Holiday sung to the tune "Let it Snow":

Oh Radio out there is frightful,
And our jobs once so delightful
Now lost, there's no place to go,
Let 'em Go! Let 'em go! Let 'em go!

It doesn't show signs of slacking,
Our shows replaced by voice-tracking,
And the ratings fall way down low,
Let 'em go! Let 'em go! Let 'em go!

After we finally lose our jobs,
Cumulus says: "it's the norm",
Just hold back all those sobs
Fill out that unemployment form

Radio is slowly dying,
And the FCC lets 'em keep on buying
While their budget gets trimmed way down low,
Let 'em go! Let 'em go! Let 'em go!

Happy Holidays, and to all a good job seeking sight!