Saturday, October 27, 2007


After being in and around Radio for more than 50 years, I contend the main problems with this business has remained two-fold: The FCC and Corporate CEO's. Each entity is usually headed by non-broadcast experienced people. The FCC has over-reached it's original purpose: to assign call letters, and limit power & frequencies. I have always thought this strange idea of private companies having to "lease" a license from the "State" for the privilege(not the right) to broadcast. To me, it all goes back to Radio's beginning when it was never considered to be a part of the "press". Who's "freedom" is protected under the Constitution? Can you imagine if Newspapers had to do what Broadcasters have to do in order to print? Why, there would be great hue and cry if one corporation owned 1,200 newspapers? That would be considered too much power and influence. Not so with Radio.The NAB is, and always has been, a powerless entity. And not much has been heard from AFTRA either. The big corporate owners aren't going to say anything. But, remember this...
Broadcasting is not a "necessity" in the lives of most people for them to rally to our cause. It strikes me rather odd, that in the age of more and more regulations and silly laws enacted at all government levels, that the FCC wants to de-regulate! This from a panel of people who are mere political appointees. The real power is still in the people..only we can initiate change. We are in the business
of Radio because we have a "voice". Isn't it time to speak up and speak out for the profession we
wish to make a living in? Use that voice and let Government know we need to have some common
sense brought back to Broadcasting. What we need is another power "surge" from the folks...yes,
Radio folks like you and me.  That's my RadiOpinion, what's yours?