Thursday, August 20, 2015

                                           RADIO LIVES MATTER (Too)

Every time I read of the passing of one of our Radio legends or Icons such as Gary Owens, 

George Wilson or a Casey Kasem, I often think about who will come along to take their

place. No one can replace their respective talents, but who will at least try to rise to their

level? Unlike other entertainment professions-Acting, Singing, Comedy etc.; Radio has

no "Farm Team", no outlet anymore where one can learn, make mistakes, or hone one's

ability to get better. Many years ago when "Movies" became the rage, I remember people

used to wonder what would become of the Vaudeville performer. Well, Radio appeared to

put many of them to work, and many of those went on to star in another "vaudeville"

- Television.

In my day ( '50's, '60's & '70's) there were plenty of smaller market"mom and pop" owned 

radio stations where one could get started in a broadcast career.

Since Deregulation, the allowing the massing of hundreds of stations under central control of

one owner, there is limited opportunity for anyone to advance as an on air talent. There is no 

Triple A "Farm Team" to go to. I see no talent pool of Radio lives to pull from who are trained 

in this special form of communication....who possess the fundamental elements to succeed. 

Radio, much like our Federal government, is diminishing personal achievement through

centralization of power OVER people. I see a steady erosion of an individual's pursuit of

The American Dream. Or even one's dream of a career in Radio. In the not to distant future,

I see the "Euthanasia" of  Radio and it's people, due largely from "Bottom Liners" in the

corporate ownership of broadcast properties, who see "talent" as an expense rather than an

asset. These are the same people who control an individual's pursuit of happiness. In recent

months there have been mass "layoffs" and firings...and no replacements in sight. I doubt if

the last Dinosaur knew when it died that it's species was now extinct. I hope it's not too late to

help save another potential extinction that's now occurring in American Radio. 

That's MY RadiOpinion....what's yours?  - Gary Allyn