Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It used to be fun to listen to Radio in the morning. Not anymore. Remember when
it was just ONE person doing the morning drive shift? Over the past decade or so,
morning drive has turned into morning drivel! It’s now composed of two to ten
sophomoric and moronic radio wannabees who usually feature unprepared, unintelligent gibberish, often laced with profane and inane language. Humor from these broadcast
amateurs is often confused with laughing, giggling, & snorting; coupled with titillating
double entendres and the downright obscene. This banal and anal attempt to entertain has finally reached critical mass with most of a dwindling radio audience. Finally, radio management in
their haste to improve a meager bottom line, has wisely decided to rid themselves of this
un-necessary expense. Who needs to pay this many people to be unfunny and provide little
more than a menagerie of maniacal mayhem in the morning? There’s no comparison with
today’s A.M. amateurs with the great pros of the past. Can you imagine putting today’s
lame lineup against the likes of Rege Cortig, Wally Philips, Happy Hare, Robert W. Morgan,
Hawthorn, Don Sherwood, “Coffeehead” Larsen, Robert L. Collins, Charlie Tuna? No
contest really. This is just another example how radio could become great again if it would
only learn from a great past. Radio is all about sounding good, with the first appeal being to
the ear. Just tell me what’s appealing to the ear these days. Sorry, time’s up.

That’s my RadiOpinion, what’s yours? - Gary Allyn