Tuesday, December 15, 2015

                       I'M DREAMING OF......

Here we are at the end of another year. A time to reflect on all that has passed before us

these previous 350 plus days. I always inwardly ask myself if I, or the World I live in, is any

better than previous times. Not for me. No. I'm dreaming not  of White Christmases, but

for and end to political correctness. I'm dreaming of a time when maybe there will be no

one fired in Radio at Christmas(dream on). I keep dreaming that one day someone will

wake up in Broadcasting and realize you really need real people on the air LIVE to really

achieve anything meaningful. I'm also dreaming that the FCC will realize one day that the

Deregulation Ruling was absurd, and that no one entity needs to own hundreds of Radio

stations. I also dream that sanity will return to this World before there is no more World.

All-in-all, 2015 was not a terrific year, nor was it totally without it's good moments, but I'd

trade a few of 2015's for any one of the years from 1955 through 1970. Yeah. That's my

best dream I can dream as of now. To you, good and dear reader, may all of your dreams

come true and bring you the joy, wealth, health and happiness you seek in the New Year.

That's my Radi-ho-ho-Opinion, what's yours?